Speakerbus develops and delivers mission critical voice communications solutions to the Financial Services and Command & Control verticals. As a market leader in delivering innovative voice technology products such as IP hoot n’ holler systems, conferencing platforms and an open platform SIP trading turret, Speakerbus solutions are used by nine out of the top ten securities firms and installed in 30 countries worldwide.

NICE Recording Solutions

NICE Recording Solutions are the first open and secure recording solutions designed to use industry standard hardware and software. This advanced technology is being used by the world’s leading financial institutions, governmental and public safety organisations and contact centres. By taking advantage of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and customer provided network storage devices, this future-proofed solution for the capture, storage, retrieval and playback of voice, radio and data communications provides unsurpassed functionality while reducing a firm’s total cost of ownership.

SB 534 Hoot ‘n’ Holler

Hoot ‘n’ Holler networks provide a dedicated, guaranteed and “always on” channel of global communication for multi-user conferences. Hoot ‘n’ Holler broadcast audio network systems provide an internal communications tool for financial organisations and brokerage firms to trade stocks and currency futures and provide time-critical information such as during the morning call when market movements and updates, trade executions and other significant events affecting the organisation are communicated. Hoot ‘n’ Holler capability provides a business critical and tightly targeted channel of communication which can support thousands of users around the globe and is an integral part of Speakerbus’ voice trading systems – the SB 534 hoot ‘n’ holler intercom platform.


A Speakerbus intercom is connected to the Speaker SB534 system. This Speakerbus platform is connected to the NICE recording system via one or more ISDN E1 output lines. The recording is done for the voice of all calls, except broadcast calls. Also one or more analogue output lines, for the recording of the voice of the broadcast calls are connected. A TCP/IP Call logging interface (CDR) is used to provide the call data. Installing the recording for Speakerbus SB 534 is easy and straightforward due to the flexible CDR configuration and standard E1 connections.