NICE Recording

NICE Recording Solutions are reliable and future-proofed recording solutions for the capture, storage, retrieval and playback of voice, radio and data communications. They can be used in either traditional or Internet Protocol (IP) telephony environments and deliver high quality recordings for all applications including verification and compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring. NICE solutions are based on standard, common-of-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and recordings can be accessed using standard web browsers without requiring additional software installed on individual user computers.

BT Global Financial Services

The ITS voice trading platform from BT Global Financial Services (GFS) supports voice, video, IM, e-mail and other applications across a range of devices and protocols. It is used by more than 60,000 traders in 51 countries across 800 customer sites. As a result of the certification, CyberTech can extend to customers its award winning and open digital recording platform into that of BT, a globally leading system specifically designed to meet the soaring expectations of financial industry users.


The BT ITS voice platform range supports voice distribution and voice conferencing between the network, PBX, turrets and other voice systems. Comprising a number of fully digital and highly faulttolerant modules, the platform can be configured to meet the voice needs of any trading floor. The ITS voice platform provides truly flexible connections to voice recorders, using 32-channel digital pipes to deliver the voice and the ITSlink device interface to provide the real-time data. Allocation of user devices to voice recorder channels is configured entirely from the management station.

ITS Link

For BT trading systems the ITSlink Server provides call information via the ITSlink which is a realtime TCP/IP information feed. Based on this feed, call details will be added to the recorded BT turret calls. The ITSlink integration is based on ITSlink protocol version 15, and downwards compatible with older ITSlink protocols V13 and V14.

BT Mega Link

Audio recording is based on BT summed digital trunks called Megalink. Each Megalink trunk offers 32 audio recording channels via a 4 wire digital interface. The Megalink audio channels correspond with turret audio channels. Via BT configuration, turret position handsets and speaker boxes are mapped to Megalink channels.


The NICE ITSlink integration adds additional BT related information to the recorder database. For BT systems 2 types of recordings are available. BT ITSlink data is converted to separate recording entries type ‘CDR’. BT PCM32 audio recording is energy trigger based. Audio is stored in separate recording entries of type ‘VOX’.


The recording and integration of BT ITS is tested, approved and certified by British Telecom (BT).