Speakerbus develops and delivers mission critical voice communications solutions to the Financial Services and Command & Control verticals. As a market leader in delivering innovative voice technology products such as IP hoot n’ holler systems, conferencing platforms and an open platform SIP trading turret, Speakerbus solutions are used by nine out of the top ten securities firms and installed in 30 countries worldwide.

NICE Recording Solutions

NICE Recording Solutions are the first open and secure recording solutions designed to use industry standard hardware and software. This advanced technology is being used by the world’s leading financial institutions, governmental and public safety organisations and contact centres. By taking advantage of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and customer provided network storage devices, this future-proofed solution for the capture, storage, retrieval and playback of voice, radio and data communications provides unsurpassed functionality while reducing a firm’s total cost of ownership.

Secure Recording

Secure storage of voice and data is a compliancefacilitating and, therefore, highly differentiating, capability that NICE provides. Characteristics of the NICE portfolio include the highest levels available of resilience through centrally archived recordings into mass storage devices such as EMC Centera. NICE uses the market’s first 256 bit Rijndael AES audio encryption, complemented by MD5 fingerprinting to secure all audio files against unauthorized replay, alteration or editing. To eliminate hardware and software integration issues and meet the strictest IT security policies, NICE solutions are open architecture-based and are based on standard off-the-shelf hardware. Through its open architecture, NICE enables easy integration with VoIP telephony systems without costly and disruptive hardware updates that typically increase running costs.


The Speakerbus i turret is connected to a SIP PBX and to the local LAN. Each i turret provides a stream of call and voice activity events to the i cds (Internetworking Call Data Service) while providing a copy of the audio stream to the CyberTech recorder. The voice activity events include details on Date/Time, Channel Name, Fixed Seating User, and Duration. Voice streams can be minimized by mixing handset and speaker channels directly at the i turret, using the i cms (Internetworking Customer Management System) management application, as a means to minimize traffic and recorder capacity requirements.

Easy Installation

The installation of Speakerbus recording does not require configuring a SPAN or Network Monitor port. Each i turret is configured for recording by using the built-in recording stream configuration. The NICE recording server is connected to the IP Network and receives the audio to record from each iTurret on a specified IP and Port, for each recording stream.


The integration of the NICE Recording Solutions is tested and certified by Speakerbus