NICE delivers several Cisco VoIP recording solutions. Each solution is highly reliable, easy to install and economical in use. Each solution uniquely enables organisations to achieve the highest levels of flexibility, quality assurance and liability protection while supporting existing hardware and infrastructure.

This document is intended to provide an overview of the NICE Active IP Recording solution. Other methods for Cisco IP recording offered by NICE are:

  • Passive IP Recording: IP recording using the SPAN port of the network switches and dependant on IP/MAC addresses for recording.
  • Extension-based Passive Recording: This is a specific case of Passive IP Recording based on a list of extensions to be recorded. It supports Extension Mobility and is non dependant on phone IP/MAC addresses for recording. Extension mobility allows to logon to any phone with a Login ID. A user will be then available at any phone via his extension.
  • Selective Gateway Recording: IP recording based on spanning the audio from one or more gateways and receiving the related call information from the Cisco Call Manager.