NICE Recording Solutions

NICE Recording Solutions are the industry’s first open and secure recording solutions; designed using industry standards. This industry leading technology is being used by the worlds leading financial institutions, governmental and public safety organizations and contacts centers. By leveraging commercial off the shelf hardware and customer provided network storage devices, this future-proofed solution for the capture, storage, retrieval and playback of voice, radio and data communications provides unsurpassed functionality and reduces a firms total cost of ownership. This flexible, multi-media product delivers high quality recordings for traditional or VoIP telephony, data and desktop screen for all applications including verification and compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring.

Cisco Recording Methods

NICE delivers several Cisco VoIP recording solutions. Each solution is highly reliable, easy to install and economical in use. Each solution uniquely enables organisations to achieve the highest levels of flexibility, quality assurance and liability protection while supporting existing hardware and infrastructure.

NICE offers 4 recording methods for Cisco:

1. IP-based Passive IP Recording:
IP recording using the SPAN port of the network switches.

2. Extension-based Passive Recording:
a specific case of Passive IP Recording based on a list of extensions to be recorded. It supports Extension Mobility and is non dependant on phone IP/MAC addresses for recording.

3. Selective Gateway Recording:
IP recording based on spanning the audio from one or more gateways and receiving the related call information from the Cisco Call Manager.

4. Active IP Recording:
Case of IP recording using a Call Manager integration and the dual media stream facility. A CTI integration with target monitoring is used to trigger the recordings. The choice of recording methods depends on the requirements for cost effectiveness, resilience and expansions possibilities.