Mitel SRC

Mitel Secure Recording Connector (SRC) is a software solution that facilitates the recording of Mitel encrypted voice streams by third-party call recording equipment. SRC uses the Mitel Standard Linux (MSL) operating system as its base and is positioned on the LAN between the ICP and the sets to be recorded. It accepts requests from authorized third-party recording manufacturer NICE to establish taps in the voice stream. These taps are separate (mirrored) streams from the SRC to the recorder.


Mitel is introducing a new, secure way of connecting call recording equipment on 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP). Using the Secure Recording Connector (SRC), customers are provided with a central connection point for call recording equipment, allowing recording of IP extensions and Mitel TeleWorker Solution phones with voice encryption activated. The Mitel Secure Recording Connector (SRC) provides a central connection point for call recorders and IP extensions that need to be recorded. The SRC is a standalone software blade, downloadable and licensable from the Mitel Applications Management Centre (AMC). The NICE Recording Solution (Release 5 and higher) can be integrated with the Mitel Secure Recording Connector (SRC). With this integration, the Mitel IP phones that are registered through the 3300IP Server can be recorded, even if encryption is enabled for these IP phones. The Mitel Secure Recording Connector acts as the ‘man-in-the-middle’ and delivers the voice and data of targeted calls to the NICE Voice Recording Solution. The NICE Recording System with the Mitel Secure Connector integration is one of the world’s first totally secure recording solutions; calls are encrypted from beginning to end.