Voice Recording

Voice recording systems can produce terabytes of data which often needs to be efficiently managed and stored for periods of up to 10 years. NICE recording solutions already offer a wide range of alternatives for archiving including DVD-RAM, SAN, NAS, etc. To meet the growing demand from customers, NICE has added EMC storage integration to the existing archiving interfaces. This integration is approved and certified by EMC.

EMC Centera

EMC Centera is the world’s most simple, affordable and secure repository for the archiving of information. This purpose-built, software-driven storage platform provides a myriad of new capabilities for unlocking the business value from unchanging or infrequently changing digital assets such as voice, radio and data communications.

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure storage is essential and every recording stored on an EMC Centera system is allocated a unique MD5 fingerprint which guarantees integrity. For each recording, a number of properties or parameters could be included in an XML format’.


The archive management process is fully automated with pre-set retention periods for each department or individual. NICE recording solutions maintain an EMC retention database that uses individual or group profiles than can be individually defined to meet specific needs. A ‘timed delete protection’ feature ensures that recordings can not be tampered with before the end of the predetermined retention period, at which point they are automatically deleted.

Litigation On Hold

A “litigation hold” is a suspension of EMC’s data (recorded call) retention policies for those data that may be relevant to a lawsuit that has been actually filed, or even one that is “reasonably anticipated.” By putting calls on hold, the system will temporally prevent the deletion of the calls. While on Hold, these calls cannot be removed from EMC even if retention is expired. The CT Recording Solution allows up to 5 ‘holds’ per archived call.


The NICE EMC Chargeback application generates reports that give a good insight in the amount of storage occupied by this archive. The application can create different reports. A report can be generated for archived calls that are:

· linked to specific users
· linked to specific user groups
· recorded on specific channels
· recorded on specific channel groups

The above can all be combined within one single report. With this flexibility it is easy to create e.g. a report per Organisation or Cost Centre. The report contains the used EMC Centera storage space of all the calls within the given criteria.


EMC centralised storage eliminates the manual handling processes associated with the searching, loading and unloading, storage and management of individual media types such as DVD, CD, Iomega or digital tape. This increases security and reduces staff costs.
This integration enables call recordings to be safely and securely stored in a clustered and resilient storage system. It unlocks the value in digital content, lowers costs and makes it easier to manage and share information. NICE offers the first recording solution with full EMC Centera integration including complete retention management and litigation hold features.