NICE delivers several Alcatel recording solutions. Each solution is highly reliable, easy to install and economical in use. Each solution uniquely enables organisations to achieve the highest levels of flexibility, quality assurance and liability protection while supporting existing hardware and infrastructure.

This document is intended to provide an overview of the NICE Active Recording solution. Recording methods for Alcatel recording offered by NICE are:

  • CTI Passive Set Side Recording & CTI Passive Trunk Side Recording: The NICE Alcatel CTI Recording Solution and communicates with an Alcatel TSAPI Premium Server and receives the audio via parallel tapping of analogue and digital sets or a trunk.
  • DR-Link Recording: The NICE Alcatel DR-Link Recording Solution is integrated with a CTI-enabled Alcatel PBX environment (OXE) and communicates with an Alcatel TSAPI Premium Server.Overview.

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