BPS International

BPS International has been active since 1995 in the field of voice logging (call recording). Having started with brands such as Audiolog, Mercom and Verint, BPS has been a partner of CyberTech since 2001. After the acquisition of CyberTech by NICE in 2011, BPS has further specialized in the solutions of NICE. We also carry products from Vidicode, Numonix and Teleopti in our assortment.

Although call recording is still the most important core activity of BPS, we see further professionalization within the contact centers, which has created demand for, among other things, Quality Monitoring and WorkForce Management systems.

BPS now offers a wide range of world-leading suppliers. This enables us to quickly offer a suitable solution for every organization. Whether it concerns the inclusion of one device or an advanced solution for hundreds of workplaces, we always offer you a suitable solution. We are a small and very flexible organization with short communication lines. You always get a specialist directly on the line. Due to the composition of our organization, we can also switch quickly and offer a suitable solution in the short term.

The activities of BPS are not limited to just supplying products and/or solutions. We also perform the installation, implementation, programming, training, support and service (if required 24/7).

BPS is located in Bergeijk (just north of the Belgian border) and because of our unique location we are active throughout the Benelux. We often work together with local telecom partners who manage your telecom infrastructure. Thanks to this cooperation you do not have to worry about all technical aspects, our engineers deal directly with your telecom partner.

BPS Headquarter

Because we like to inform our customers well, we have several portals in which we go deeper into the possibilities that we offer with our products. Below you will find an overview of these portals:

Call Recorder Picowww.callrecorderpico.nl
NICE Recording eXpresswww.nicerecordingexpress.nl
Our webshopwww.bpsonline.nl
Our international webshopwww.callrecordingstore.com